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It’s super simple to put your properties in a Rental Pro Club Portfolio. Just tell click the ‘Claim My Portfolio and Start Selling’ link below. Then give us the addresses and some additional details that help in the valuation process. In minutes you’ll have your portfolio dashboard active and ready to go.

Start searching for properties in your buy-box in markets you like instantly and once you've created a Buyer Profile, you can add properties to your underwriting stack, make offers, and start communicating with owners.

Each property you underwrite comes with information that'll help you buy smart. If we have it, you'll know rental income, lease dates, estimated market value, plus calculated data like gross yield and cap-rate, even on site inspections and neighborhood ratings.

Buying has never been easier! Your gonna love this club!

Good buyers get rewarded by good reviews from sellers reflected in the badges that appear beside your Buyer Profile. Buyers can distinguish themselves with badges that show their available proof of funds, transactions completed in last 12mo, and more. Better badging builds trust in your ability to communicate, contract and fund in a upfront and efficient manner.

Get Actual Offers from Well-Funded Buyers

We know the pain. The only people who want to buy your properties want to buy at a steep discount, or they tie you up for a month and bail-out when they can't get funded. We say 'enough of that.' Rental Pro Club members get a direct link to well-funded Institutional Buyers with massive buying appetites and smooth buying processes. Skip all the tire-kickers, discount buyers and string-along-artists. Join the club and let the big-money guys fight over your deals.

Rental Pro Club Member Benefits

Get fast and legitimate purchase offers from our pre-approved buyer network. No showings. No Commissions. You have no obligation to accept an offer, but you'll know what the market-value of your portfolio really is.

No Spam

No spammy emails
No spammy calls
No showings
No listings
No commissions
No annoyed tenants
No low-ball offers


Get actual purchase offers from our pre-approved buyer network. No showings. No Commissions. There’s no obligation to accept an offer, but you’ll know the current market-value of your portfolio.

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