How Does a Rental Portfolio Compare with Mutual Funds, Annuities and CDs?

Aug 09, 2018

According to U.S. News and World Report, CDs usually only pay out 2.5 percent annually, while annuities pay out 3.25 percent a year. Both of these types of investments tie your money up for a long time—until you retire for annuities, and five years or so for CDs. Both of these investments pale in comparison to real estate—which can yield 9.6 percent or better per year.

SFGate’s Home Guide reports that Mutual Funds pay more--about 10 percent per year. However, the small advantage in yearly rate overlooks an important feature of a Rental Portfolio: Asset Appreciation. When you sell your rental investment the chances are good that it has gained in value quite a bit, particularly if you’ve bought a vetted property in a stable or growing neighborhood.

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