You'd Be Surprised How Cheaply You can Get into Rental Portfolio Ownership

Aug 09, 2018

You can buy a digital rental for as little as 20 percent down. On Rental Pro Club, you can even find lenders who will compete to give you the best deal on your investment.

The advantages are plenitful. Your rent could easily be paying off the mortgage with extra besides. And as the asset appreciates, you'll be able to leverage your portfolio to add additional assets, giving you rapid growth in income potential plus expected equity growth as the market continues it's upward push.

Other services, too, such as legal, management, insurance, accounting & tax help plus banking and more are available online through Rental Pro Club’s comprehensive services directory.

How Does Crowdfunding Work?

On Rental Pro Club, you can also use crowdfunding to finance your purchase. Other Rental Pro Club members can lend you money at a set interest rate, thereby avoiding banks, credit unions, or other traditional sources of funding. Crowdfunding is only one of the many services Rental Pro Club offers its members. White-glove services that make investing in rentals easy for its clients is Rental Pro Club’s mission.

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