$800/mo per a $100K Investment?

Aug 10, 2018

With savvy property investments, you can easily make $800 per month in income for every $100,000 you invest--in many cases, more. How so, you ask? Having years of experience in both construction and real estate, we at Rental Pro Club provide select services to our clients who want to invest in rental real estate—-services that can save them money over time.

Learn how you can maximize your investment dollars and save more for retirement when you invest in rental real estate with Rental Pro Club.

Let’s put it this way: Since a rental real estate investment portfolio's earnings are a function of the rent payments you receive on one hand—and your cost on the other—property management, insurance, renovations, vacancy, taxes, legal expenses, administrative expenses, and more, having these services available to you for less can help you make that kind of money.

When you can trim your cost and maximize your rent by finding top-quality rental properties in growing or stable areas, you, too, can realize an annual yield of at least 9.6 percent—often way higher—making you easily $800 on every $100k you invest.

Stabilzed Rental Portfolios are a Great Retirement Investment

Though the national Homebuying space is in a bull market now at a 20-year average return of 9.85 percent, it won’t always stay that way. The usual annual rate of return is more like eight percent—-even if things go well.

Rental portfolios often generate higher overall returns because people will always need a place to live. A 9.6 percent return is a conservative figure for rental portfolio, making them a good place to sock away at least some of your retirement money. Don't forget, that a property will likely appreciate in value during ownership,  and when you combine the increased equity with the rent, the returns can be much higher.

But not every maket or every house is a good for your portfolio. That's why anything on our marketplace is attached to numbers you can analyze and the ability to buy properties in hot markets (hat you might not otherwise have access to) with the touch of a button. When you join Rental Pro Club, you’ll have access to sellers all over the country, giving you the best chance to maximize your investment. All sales are contingent on passing an inspection and you’ll have full access to view the inspector’s report before you put your money on the line.  We'll even connect you to vetted local property managers if you don't want to deal with the day to day issues yourself.

All you have to do is sit back and watch the rental checks pour in.

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