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As soon as you claim or add your portfolio, you can get offers from qualified buyers and service providers. They’ll compete for your business with real time, competitive purchase offers plus quotes on property insurance, property management, mortgage loans and more.

It’s easy to see what your portfolio is worth based on actual offers from active buyers in your market. And it’s simple to find the potential of your portfolio based on easy to understand performance analytics that you can act on right away.

What's Your Portfolio Worth

Get Valuations Based On Purchase Offers from Active Buyers

Get an actual valuation on each home in the portfolio plus an estimate on the value of the entire portfolio based on a range of actual competitive offers from large institutional buyers with big funds. There's no pressure to sell, but you'll have the option if you want it. There are no discount offers, no commissions or charges for selling, no showings to destabilize your tenants contentment and getting a firm offer is as simple as clicking a button.

Rental Pro Club Member Benefits

Get fast and legitimate purchase offers from our pre-approved buyer network. No showings. No Commissions. You have no obligation to accept an offer, but you'll know what the market-value of your portfolio really is.

No Spam

No spammy emails
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No showings
No listings
No commissions
No annoyed tenants
No low-ball offers


Get actual purchase offers from our pre-approved buyer network. No showings. No Commissions. There’s no obligation to accept an offer, but you’ll know the current market-value of your portfolio.

The Rental Pro Club VALUE SCORE

Unique Analysis You Can Bank On

The Rental Pro Club Value Score reveals strengths and weaknesses of each property in your portfolio as related to equity and value. The score is calculated by a complex algorithm that includes buy offers, the investment you've made, performance factors, occupancy, gross potential rents and much more.

Looking To Buy?

Add Houses to Your Rental Portfolio Like a Pro

Get instant access to all of the properties listed for sale on our platform. Quickly find homes to buy and rehab; or seek out stabilized rentals with existing track records and tenants, all in the Rental Pro Club marketplace.

The RPO Performance Score

Optimize Costs to Maximize Returns
Make Smart Choices with Good Data

Once you have the data, it's time to make choices that bolster each property in the portfolio with the goal of strengthening the portfolio as a whole. Rental Pro Club members get offers from market-specific service companies. So the insurance quotes, property management quotes--and all the other services we can find for you--are for the area in which that property sits.

You won't see guesstimates based on some national average. And getting a firm quote on one or more or all of your properties at once is a button click away. No more hours on the phone looking for the one person who can help you. They'll compete for you!

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Why a Rental Portfolio Owner needs Rental Pro Club

We once met a Rental Portfolio Owner with 70 houses in and around Florida. He was ready to retire, but couldn't figure out how to liquidate without destabilizing his portfolio by risking his tenants with showings or fast talking agents. He was only getting offers on one or two. His portfolio had become a ball-and-chain.

That shouldn't happen. So Rental Pro Club connects our members to offers immediately. It's how you know our estimates on the value of their Rental Portfolio are right. You don't have to sell anything; but you'll know what others think it's worth. And if you want to sell, you can. No hassles. Just sales. Join the Club and see what your portfolio is really worth.

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